4 Simple Steps to Prepare for The Perfect Business Pitch

4 Simple Steps to Prepare for The Perfect Business Pitch

July 28, 2017 Business Idea The Pitch 0

Preparing for the Perfect Business PitchBeing in sales for over a few decades I’ve seen quite a few business pitches.  Preparation is key –  understanding these four simple concepts will help you pull together the perfect pitch deck.

Choose the Message for The Right Crowd

Are you pitching to the right crowd?   Promoting processed chicken to group of vegetarians is obviously the not the right fit.  If you think it is then – you should get someone else to pitch your idea.   Understanding and targeting your message to right group is key to success.   Are you looking for just exposure or are you looking for $1 Million in investments?   Crafting your message to fix the audience is paramount.

Narrate A Story

What is your story?  How did you think of this idea?  What motivated you to create this solution?   We are wired to listen to stories and to connect with people.   Make it personal and help us to understand your heroic journey to the top.   This doesn’t need to be a long story – just a short narrative of what motivated you to create and fuels your passion to succeed.   A story that inspires to take the journey with you.

Know Your Business

Know your businesses is to know your numbers and your market.   What is your market potential?   “Everyone is going just to have to have one or I have no competitors” in most cases is not the statement you should make.    Unless of course you’ve invented the first teleporter – then I’m in.  What was everyone buying before you came along?   What makes your product or service different? How will you stand out from the crowd?   What does your business really need to grow from here and get into there?  Know the real numbers that what someone thinks are the correct answers.

Be Mindful of The Time

Know how much time you have and stick with it.   Practice and practice to make sure that you nail your pitch in the time allotted.  Don’t let the buzzer dedicate when you are finished.   Have the time to nail your pitch and invite the audience to join this adventure with you.  


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