Create A Better Entrepreneur Pitch Deck

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Create A Better Entrepreneur Pitch Deck

July 16, 2017 Business Idea The Pitch 0

pitch deck is a short presentation often accompanied by a slideshow, which enables your target to get a quick overview of your business plan.  Pitch decks are commonly used during face-to-face or online meetings with interested parties and definitely with potential investors.  Having a good pitch deck will make the difference between success and failure. This free template from the Center For Entrepreneurial Innovation, Phoenix can really get you started.   A pitch deck can be broken down into nine key elements:
  • Who Are You?
  • The Problem
  • Your Solution
  • Business Model
  • Potential Market – “Because Everyone’s Going To Want To Have One!”  Is not something you want to say to an investor.
  • What’s Your Strategy To Get To Market
  • Competition –  Unless you’ve invented time travel – you are not unique.
  • Team
  • What’s Your Ask?   Is it just a bag of money?   Get the ask down and what will you give in turn to get it.

Keep it simple – don’t go crazy with bullets and definitely take a lesson from  Carmine Gallo’s  book “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”.   Steve Jobs “..educated, entertained, informed, and inspired his audiences in every presentation..”  with minimum visual aids.

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