Getting It Right Takes Practice and Experience

You don't have to be a big company to have the next big idea

Getting It Right Takes Practice and Experience

June 14, 2017 Business Idea Q and A The Pitch 0

Getting it right is a balanced mixture of a good – great idea, practice, experience, and personality.  WineRx pitches “Drop It ” –   can you spot what they did well and what they could have done differently?   Looking forward to your comments.

SBA InnovateHer Regional competition held at the Old Dominion University Innovation Center Norfolk

Drop It by WineRX

WineRx at the SBA InnovateHer Regional Competition held at Old Dominion University Innovation Center Norfolk.   Drop It is the ONLY product on the market to reduce both sulfites and tannins in wine. This will enable more women to enjoy the health benefits of wine in moderation. They may enjoy a longer and happier lifestyle with their families and friends.




THE PITCH – does WineRx nail the pitch?   What did they do well and what could they have done differently?




Q and A – is an incredibly important part of the overall presentation and it should not be left to chance







For those who like the watch the entire Pitch with Q and A here is the long version of the video.


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