Make Your Life Spectacular – Pitch Your Heart Out

You don't have to be a big company to have the next big idea

Make Your Life Spectacular – Pitch Your Heart Out

July 11, 2017 Resources 0

Robin Williams Make Your Life SpectularWhen it is all said and done did you make your life spectacular?  When we come into us each of us are dealt a hand.  This hand is made of up of different cards, randomly selected.  Cards called family, location, money, education, health and so on.

The amazing part – is that in most cases success depends on how we play these cards.  Just like a card game – as time passes you will draw or even discard cards no longer needed.

The startup can fail time and time again – then again play the cards right – rise to unimagined heights.   Do you have in your cards the ability to pitch your idea?   Can you inspire others to believe in your idea?     A very lucky few are given spectacular lives – for the remainder – its up to us to make our lives spectacular.

757Pitch provides the opportunity to draw and develop your idea pitching card.   New startup – here’s the challenge – bring your idea to life.   So pitch your heart out, and truly make your life spectacular!

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