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Must Wants

MustWants is a Mobile Web Application designed to enhance a Real Estate Buyers selection of the best home to make an offer on. Buyers when moving whether locally or across country may have a long list of characteristics they are looking for in a home.

Currently, all search engines provide only rudimentary search features and no search engineer allows for any prioritization or organization of those homes to best identify the right ones for their offer. In addition, Realtors can spend an extensive amount of time identifying the right homes for a Client Buyer to see, usually through multiple communication exchanges which is expending time and resources.

MustWants aids in refining the list of “favorited” homes, it incorporates data concerning commute times, distances to parks, recreation and other landmarks that the Buyer has identified as a “Must or Want” in a home. MustWants also provides the Realtor with enhanced methods for presenting their top recommendations in Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Title Insurance Companies as well as other vendors the Realtor would like to highlight. MustWants reduces the Buyers time in searching out the perfect home, as well as reduces the Realtors time identifying and showing more homes then necessary.

The current growth plan seeks to target Military Families who are on a relatively predictable schedule for initial user-defined feedback and development. In addition, the application will be first introduced in larger market areas like the National Capital Region and San Antonio, where there is a very large Real Estate Market and Large Brokerages. We have teamed with MILLIE a military Real Estate Website designed to support military families moving. We are in discussions with 3 large brokerages in the NCR for test and evaluation and potential investing.

Growth plan is to target large markets in the first 6-12 months and then expand based on demand. Concept is currently tied to Buyer Referrals and Realtor and Brokerage Referrals since the application aids not only the Buyer but also the Realtor.  Check Scott Hayford’s winning pitch as well as our other competitors.

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