The Rules

Make Your Idea Real


Every Good Competition Needs Some General Rules:The 757Pitch competition focuses on new, independent ventures in the seed, start‐up or early growth stages, generally excluded are the following: buy‐outs, expansions of existing companies, roll‐ups, real estate syndication, tax shelters, franchise based outlets, licensing agreements for distribution in a different geographical area and spin‐outs from existing corporations.



  • Entrants must demonstrate a scalable, high-growth business model, must discuss how they are going to scale the business model.
  • Applications are retained for 6 months. If you’d like to reapply, we welcome that.
  • Modifications to unselected applications can be made at any time, which restarts the 6-month retention period.
  • Only one winner will be selected

Those who pitch and do not win:

  • Can reapply after 6 months for the same business concept. You must explicitly describe changes to your model in the application.
  • No restriction on submitting an application for a new business concept, which is distinct from other previous submissions

The Teams

  • Each member of the team on-stage at the competition must participate during the formal presentation.
  • Each team needs to supply its own PC‐compatible laptop computer and is responsible for assuring it works with the provided audio‐visual equipment in advance of their presentation.
  • Teams requiring non‐disclosure agreements (NDAs) should not participate.
  • All sessions of the competition are open to the public and may be broadcast to interested persons through media which may include radio, television and the Internet.
  • Any data or information discussed or divulged throughout the competition should be considered information that will enter the public domain.
  • The above entities may use the materials in any book or other printed materials and any videotape or other medium that they may produce, provided that any profits earned from the sale of such items is used by these entities solely to defray the costs of future 757Pitch or affiliated Competitions. These entities have non‐exclusive world rights in all languages and in all media to use or to publish the materials in any book, other printed materials, videotapes or other medium and to use the materials in future editions thereof and derivative products.
  • Participants understand that their presentations will be videotaped and posted to the public domain (e.g., YouTube, ODU).