Virginia Gold – Turning Peanuts into Coffee

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Virginia Gold – Turning Peanuts into Coffee

July 19, 2018 Business Idea The Pitch 1

Most American coffee companies boast their products as being sourced from outside the United States. Some may perceive this as being unique or exotic. At Virginia Gold™, we understand the importance of American grown and American made products which is why we boast the origin of our products and commodities as being sourced from the United States. Our products are a clear reflection of our close attention to detail and our ambition to embrace the commodities which are farmed right here in the United States. After all “A product can only be as good as the total parts it is composed of and the people who made it all happen”

At Virginia Gold™, we pride ourselves on providing the consumer with a quality product of superior proportions. With this philosophy, we strive to perfect our products in such a way that everyone will be able to enjoy them. Whereas everyone may not enjoy peanut coffee and/or peanuts, we understand that we cannot please everyone. Whether you enjoy our products or not, we encourage you to give us feedback on your experience with our products. After all, the biggest part of why our products exist is because of the people like you who enjoy them. So, for that, Virginia Gold™ appreciates you with the utmost respect. 

–James Harrell



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  1. Renee Genge says:

    I love your peanut coffee! To me it tastes just like coffee.
    I would like to know how many calories are in it?

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